Group Exercise Classes provide a fun and inviting alternative to
traditional exercise programs. This is why Move Exercise Physiology offers
a range of class types and times to suit everybody.

All group exercise classes are supervised by one of our exercise physiologists and take place in our clinical gym with small group sizes to ensure you’re getting the right support. With an initial assessment prior to your class, your exercise program will be specifically tailored to your conditions, goals and lifestyle.

Benefits of Group Exercise Classes with Move Exercise Physiology

  • Management of chronic conditions and injuries
  • Maintain physical functioning and ability to continue activities of daily living
  • Increased motivation by exercising in a supportive environment
  • Improving strength and stability to prevent and manage chronic pain
  • Reduce affects of age related illness
  • Assistance with lifestyle modification and behaviour change
  • Improve lean muscle to assist with strength and mobility
  • Balance training for falls prevention

Exercise Rehab

Up to 12 participants – 60 minutes

Individually tailored exercise programs for all chronic conditions and injuries in a supportive and fun environment. This class is perfect if you would like to improve your health and fitness under the direct supervision of an exercise physiologist

Oncology Rehab

Up to 8 participants – 60 minutes

Individualised programs to help improve strength, reduce fatigue and pain, increase range of motion, maintain bone mineral density and improve treatment outcomes while connecting with others on their road to recovery from cancer

Diabetes Rehab

Up to 12 participants – 60 minutes

A specialised class involving exercise, education and support for lifestyle modification to assist with diabetes management. Join individuals on the same journey in a friendly and supportive environment with the aim to decrease sedentary behaviour

Hydrotherapy Rehab

Up to 12 participants – 45 minutes

Low impact exercise performed in a hydrotherapy pool to improve strength, mobility and balance while relieving pain in a friendly and controlled environment

Veteran Rehab

Up to 12 participants – 60 minutes

A group exercise class with individually tailored programs developed specifically for veterans to exercise in a safe and comfortable environment with like-minded individuals