Keep up the fight against MND!

It’s back! The Big Freeze 8 returns to the MCG on 13 June 2022 with the celebrity ice slide, musical entertainment and exciting plans to head to SA and WA. The fight continues with a brand new beanie which unites a community determined to fight and find a cure for MND.

MND (Motor Neuron Disease) is a beast. It is a progressive, terminal disease without any effective treatment or cure. The nerve cells which control the muscles that allow us to move around, speak, swallow and breathe are affected and fail to work normally. This results in eventual death as the muscles weaken and waste away. In majority of cases, the mind and intellect are left intact, with the sufferer trapped motionless and mute within their once active bodies. The weakness and rate of progression vary from person to person, but the average life expectancy for MND suffers is 27 months from diagnosis. In Australia, two people are diagnosed with MND each day and a further two die from the condition.

With no effective treatment to slow the progression of the disease, our best tool against this insidious disease is to provide exercise rehabilitation. Exercise prescription is personalised based on symptoms, progression and physical fitness with goals of maintaining and optimising mobility and function, pain management, and maximising quality of life. At Move EP, we are dedicated to helping our clients fight MND and work through early to late stages of disease.

Over the last 8 years, FightMND have been able to make a real change in the fight against MND. They have invested over $55.9M in research with support and donations. We don’t know when a break through will come, but when it does, everyone who supported the fight will know they played a part. So how can you join the fight? You can purchase a Big Freeze 8 beanie in our clinic, at your local Coles or Bunnings.

You can also donate to FightMND here:

Or donate locally to MNDSA here:

By Millicent Christou