Multiple Sclerosis – May 50k!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neurological disease which affects over 25,000 people in Australia and more than two million people worldwide. MS is characterised by damage to myelin, the protective layer that surrounds nerve fibres, within the Central Nervous System (CNS). This damage causes sclerosis (Greek word meaning scars) which interfere with nerve impulses or messages within the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. MS symptoms vary depending on which part of the CNS is affected, and can include muscle spasms, issues with coordination and balance, cognitive difficulties and memory loss, and fatigue.

There is currently no cure for MS. However, there are number of treatment options which can help to manage symptoms and slow disease progressions, including exercise.

In addition to optimising general health and well-being, research suggests exercise can also help manage MS symptoms. Regular exercise can have benefits for people living with MS including improving cardiovascular health, improving muscular strength and endurance, managing spasticity, helping to relieve MS-related fatigue and can contribute to stabilising mood.

Move EP took part in the May50k – a virtual fundraising challenge by completing 50km of walking or running in the month of May. This event helps raise funds and awareness for life-changing MS research. Funding of medical research is essential and people with MS still need better treatments, prevention and ultimately, a cure. We ended up doubling our goal with our 4 EP’s completing over 100km in the month of May. For more information or to donate, please head to¬†

We loved coming together to show that nothing will stop us from leaving MS where it belongs, behind us. For more information about exercise and MS, please contact Move Exercise Physiology and speak to one of our friendly Exercise Physiologists.

By Brooke Luethen